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General Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the Division of Plastic Surgery. Our division provides both general and aesthetic plastic surgery services. ​​These services include breast reconstruction, hand surgery, and reconstructive treatment of burns, leg ulcers and diabetic feet. Our goal is to help you and your family cope successfully with your diagnosis and treatment.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.

Cleft Lip / Palate

An cleft is when a baby is born with an opening in the lip and/or roof of the mouth (palate). Cleft lip and cleft palate happen is one of the most common birth defects.

Cleft Lip or Hare Lip is a birth defect where the upper lip is split or separated either in the middle, on one side or on both the sides. Cleft lip is the most common birth defects affecting children round the world. The conditions can vary in severity and may involve one or both sides of the face. Causes of cleft lip did not find till now.More boys than girls have a cleft lip, while more girls have cleft palate without a cleft lip.

Cleft surgery is conducted in the hospital under general anesthesia. In most centers, the child is admitted to the hospital one day prior to the surgery. The surgical procedure for perfecting of a unilateral cleft lip and nose deformity generally requires between one to two hours. The hospital stay is usually twenty-four hours.After the cleft lip operation the child is shifted to the recovery room for careful monitoring. During the rest of your child’s stay, you will learn how to care for the operative wound, and you will be taught the special technique of cup feeding by Dr. Kannan Kumar.


Surgery is usually recommended for hypospadias, If the penis looks abnormal, circumcision should not be done. If hypospadias is found during circumcision, the procedure should be completed. In either case, referral to a pediatric urologist is recommended.

Burns Treatment

If your wound is severe, you may have to undergo debriding, which is the removal of dead tissue, prior to reconstructive surgery.Once that is done, there are several types of wound treatments your plastic surgeon may suggest:

Post Burn Contractures

Burn scar contractures do not go away on their own, although may improve with the passage of time, with occupational therapy and physiotherapy, and with splinting. If persistent the person may need the contracture to be surgically released.


The hand is ranked among the three most frequent sites of burns scar contracture deformity. One of the major determinants of the quality of life in burns survivors is the functionality of the hands.


Reconstruction of post-burn contracture of fingers is a formidable challenge for the plastic surgeons, for it isimportant to restore length, function, and provide good quality skin cover.


Neck contracture and deformities as consequences of burns pose one of the greatest challenges to plastic surgeons in reconstructive surgery.Physical and esthetic deformities resulting from this type of disfigurement in exposed areas, such as the face and neck can cause significant depression,which affects the patient's quality-of-life.


Reconstruction of the post-burn contracture is a complex task in plastic surgery. A burn patient treated traditionally only by dressings develops scar with contracture involving the burned region. The lip is a part of the face that is frequently affected by burn injury.

Skin Grafting

Skin grafting is a surgical procedure that involves removing skin from one area of the body and moving it, or transplanting it, to a different area of the body. This surgery may be done if a part of your body has lost its protective covering of skin due to burns, injury, or illness.

Flap Covers

Flap surgery is a piece of tissue that is still attached to the body by a major artery and vein or at its base. This piece of tissue with its attached blood supply is used in reconstructive surgery by being set into a recipient site (injured area onto which a flap or graft is placed).