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LLLT (Low-Level Laser Treatment)

The Low-Level Laser Treatment is a form of therapy for men and women who suffer from a pattern hair fall or loss. The use of the red light laser has proven efficiency in energizing or stimulating the cells within your hair follicle.Based on studies conducted, this type of treatment tends to slow your hair loss and enables regrowth of about 15-20% of your hair.

LLLT works by increasing the metabolism of cells in your hair follicle and the health of your blood vessels causing your scalp to become thicker.

The effect of hair follicles absorbing laser energy is an overall increase in blood flow. Besides, laser also removes oil, impurities and DHT. DHT is the primary cause of hair loss.

The laser and LED elements in the iGrow do not produce heat. These are “cold” lasers.They do not give off heat or radiation and are completely safe for use. iGrow uses Class 3R lasers which the FDA approves. Typically, results of this treatment are visible within a month (1st four weeks).